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University Country MoU/Agreement Notification(S) Key points of Collaboration Website
University of South Alabama USA Open
Leaders Institute Australia Joint Research and Exchange Program Open
Yorkville University Canada
  • BBA to BBA Credit Transfer Program (Toronto Campus )
  • BBA to BBA Credit Transfer Program (Vancouver Campus)
Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation Malaysia Joint Research and Exchange Program Open
Woosong University South Korea Academic Exchange programmes
Student Exchange Program
Kasetsart University Thailand Open
University Of Nottingham United Kingdom Joint Research and Exchange Program Open
Cambridge Assessment English United Kingdom Open
Wilfrid Laurier University Canada
  • Exchange visits of faculty members researchers, and administrative staff
  • Exchange of students, student visitation, and development of study abroad and short-term programs
  • Assessing the potential for transfer and degree completion programs
  • Organization of conferences, seminars, sports event/competitions, symposia or lectures
  • Exploration of common research interests and other forms of academic collaboration.
AUREL VLAICU University of ARAD Romania
  • Exchange of faculty members, administrative officers and/or researchers with the objective of offering courses, training programme and realizing research projects in areas mutually agreed upon by both universities in accordance with the procedures and expectations established by each university and specific departments.
  • Support reciprocity in university extension activities of common interest.
  • Exchange of books, scientific publications, study programs, academic projects, course information, seminars, conferences and any other data and information of common interest.
  • Develop joint research projects and joint publications.
  • All joint activities are realized through the mutual agreement and clearly established conditions and mutual obligations of the appropriate university entity.
University of Huddersfield United Kingdom
  • Exploration of collaborative research projects
  • Exchange of teaching and research staff
  • Organization of joint academic activities such as seminars, lectures, conferences
  • Exchange of academic materials and other information of common interest
  • Progression and exchange of students
International American University (IAU) USA
  • Credit Transfer program
  • Progression and exchange of students
  • Exchange of teaching, research and administrative staff
  • Organization of joint academic and research activities such as seminars, lectures, conferences.
Vancouver Premier College Canada
  • The development of articulation or credit transfer agreements.
  • The organization of cooperative academic activities such as conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures.
  • Faculty, officers and student visits, transfers and related collaboration
  • Semester, inter session and disciplinary exchange programs
  • The exchange of research publications and promotional materials,
  • The exploration of other common areas of interest
California University, Bernardino USA
  • Study abroad programs for IKGPTU students to study at CSUSB for a full academic year, one or two academic semesters, or short term ;
  • Partnership in academic programs;
  • Special short-term academic and language programs;
  • Joint research and professional activities, such as participation in seminars and academic meetings.