Sr. No. Emp. Code Name Father/ Husband Name Designation Mobile No. Work Assigned
1 1006 Dr. Balkar Singh Sh. Gurmail Singh Dean, College Development 9478098009 College Development Department
2 1023 Mr. Naresh Kumar Sh. Gian Chand Dy. Registrar 9478098028 Work related to College Development Department
3 3110 Mr. Amit Goyal Sh. Ramesh Lal Goyal Senior Assistant 9501016969 M. Tech Extension Cases & Regional Centers Matters
4 3034 Ms. Rajbir Kaur Sh. Harjit Singh Senior Assistant 9465827322 Regarding affiliation Fee of all Colleges
5 3097 Mr. Angrej Singh Sh. Raghbir Singh Senior Assistant 9501031477 Regarding Affiliation of AICTE Colleges 
6 3067 Mr. Balwant Singh Sh. Jagir Singh Senior Assistant 9465884814 Regarding Affiliation of UGC Colleges 
7 3116 Mr. Yadwinder Singh Sh, Kesar Singh Senior Assistant 9478098088 RTI Cases, Dairy Dispatch, Complaints Cases and Store Purchase
8 5050 Mr. Jaspal Singh Sh. Mela Singh Clerk 9814861109 Work related CVO office
9 5005 Mr. Kamal Kishore Sh. Nand Kishore Office Assistant 9855512456 Dairy & Dispatch Work
10 7035 Mr. Jaswant Singh Sh. Ajit Ram Office Assistant 9814801674 Assisting in activities related College Development Department
11 7036 Ms. Rekha Rani Sh. Kewal Singh Office Assistant 9872370228 Checking of all fee slip/Scan all affiliation fee data
12 7045 Mr. Gurmeet Singh Sh. Narain Singh Office Assistant 9888861417 Assisting in activities related CVO office