Department of Research and Development aims to provide an ecosystem within which faculty and scholars carry out their research for the advancement of their knowledge and providing solutions to problems of the society. It also envisages the comprehensive framework for the development and implementation of all research programs at IKGPTU.

IKGPTU campus and its constituent campuses are graced with a team of more than 75 Ph.D. faculty members in various discipline of courses. The department provides administrative and managerial support to its 1500+ registered research scholars and 400+ registered Supervisors. University provides a user-friendly online portal to students, supervisors and experts. The portal comprises modules covering admission, provisional registration, fees submission, submission of required documents, communication, evaluation, and thesis submission. University also provides the facility of anti-plagiarism software and digital library for online access of e-journals to its students and registered supervisors.

Objectives of the department are

  • To promote the institutional growth through research.
  • To create human capital by running a Ph.D. program on its campus and different centres.
  • To instill a culture of research and improve the institutional environment for all, i.e., faculty, scholars, and students.
  • To establish research centers with a center of excellence.
  • To disseminate the outcome of the research work through the publication of papers in the indexed journals with impact factor.
  • To earn patents from research output.
  • To attract funds from Government as well as from private organizations for research.
  • To have local, national and global collaborations in the field of research.
  • To develop a problem-solving culture and provide practical solutions to real life problems.
  • To commercialize research outputs in the field of process, design, and products.