To create competent professionals those contribute towards the economic development of the nation by going in line with the policy of Government of India in the field of food processing, food safety, health and nutrition.

  • Development of human resource in the field of food science and technology to serve the cause of nation
  • Providing a strong theoretical and practical background across the food science discipline with an emphasis on developing sustainable resources to cater food and nutrition related challenges
  • Development of human resource in the area of clinical nutrition and research to contribute effectively in making India healthy
  • Create favourable environment for innovation to translate theoretical knowledge into practical applications
  • Inculcating professional ethical values, innovative research capabilities and leadership abilities
  • Holistic development of the youth through the process of self evaluation and continuous improvement

Department of Food Science and Technology is committed to build a community that thrives on diversity, equity and equality. The discovery, innovation, and application of new knowledge for which we are known internationally derives from the vibrancy and connectedness of our diverse and extended community of current and former students, staff, industry and faculty members. The students at internationally recognized Food Science and Technology department completes a rigorous scientific curriculum that prepares them well for the numerous job opportunities available in the food industry or for graduate studies in the physical, chemical, and biological sciences and medicine.

Members of this group apply a fundamental understanding of biological, chemical, physical, and behavioural sciences to the processing, preservation, quality evaluation, public health aspects, and utilization of foods. The graduate group offers programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degrees and MSc Food Technology, MSc Clinical Research and M. Tech. Food Technology. The Department of Food Science and Technology is fully committed to provide educational, research and social environments that are both rich in diversity of thought, and welcoming of cultural, religious, racial and individual differences, including gender expression and disabilities.

Food is a fundamental necessity for all of humankind, but is selected, prepared, consumed and preserved differently in different cultures and geographical locations. Sharing, understanding and appreciating the commonality of food as it is used both for sustenance and in ritual is a uniting, as well as enlightening endeavour. To participate fully in an enriching educational environment, no student should encounter any barriers to sharing or learning that might be caused by his or her individual heritage, background or social condition; individual differences are an asset, not an affliction.

DFST is also offering course MSc Clinical Research to facilitate the needs of health industry and food industry for nutraceuticals. India is having 100s of Clinical Research Organisations and still the number is growing exponentially. Clinical Research is one of the most knowledge-intensive industry. It is complete biography of drug / nutraceutical from its inception in the lab to its introduction to the consumer market and beyond. Any molecule is identified is subjected to pre-clinical and clinical trials before entering in to market. Though post marketing surveillance is also part of the same. Pre-clinical studies are associated with effect of nutraceuticals on animals. All the toxicological studies, tests for teratogenicity, carcinogenicity are carried out. After this, the data obtained human studies are performed. t is very clear that India has become a very preferred destination for clinical research. The industry is growing exponentially and is expected to reach Rs. 17000 Cr by 2020. Statics shows that the industry needs approximately 75,000 clinical research professionals.