Dr. Balkar Singh

Dean(College Development)

Dean Message

Department of Dean, College Development acts as linkage and facilitator between affiliated
colleges and regulatory bodies/State Government. It is an appropriate body of the University
for ensuring proper planning and integrated development of affiliated colleges. It functions as
policy making body in regards to issue affiliation/continuation to the existing institutions and
opening of new college under its jurisdiction. The department ensures proper implementation
of regulations of University and concerned regulatory bodies in affiliated colleges in its true
spirit. University has issued notifications in regards to required norms for affiliation from time
to time. College Development department has tried to compile all the previous
orders/notifications in line with the regulations of regulatory bodies to formulate Approval
Process Handbook.

Approval Process Handbook (APH) of IKGPTU which contains a streamlined approval process
with less complexity fostering more transparency and faster decisions making. The Approval
Process Handbook (APH) of IKGPTU shall act like a roadmap for all educational institutions
seeking approval from the University to run programmes/courses falling under its umbrella. In
order to streamline the process of affiliation of IKGPTU rigorous efforts are made to make the
APH 2024-25 more concise, easy to understand and implementation. To make this handbook
more accessible, IKGPTU will upload the Approval Process Handbook in the public domain to
help & guide the stakeholders of IKGPTU for getting affiliation.

IKGPTU shall continue to strive to be a true mentor, facilitator and enabler in bringing out the
best in each institution. I hope all the education partners/stakeholders of IKGPTU shall add their
value in making Punjab a educational hub across the globe.