To be a Department of excellence producing civil engineers having professional and leadership qualities with technical competence to promotes inter-disciplinary research and Innovation for Sustainable society.


  • To aspire for the advancement of Technical Education in Civil Engineering and allied fields by relevant research discovery and innovation.
  • To impart and enhance knowledge for empowerment of socially, economically marginalized sections of society.
  • To be the paragon of Ethical Civil Engineers and entrepreneurs to meet National and Global demands.

The Civil Engineering is the oldest discipline dating back from 4000 B.C to 2000 B.C since the inception of Indus valley Civilization to Great Pyramids in Egypt. Its having a major role in the evolution of mankind. The Department offers under Graduate, Post graduate and Research program in Civil Engineering. The B. Tech course in Civil Engineering emphasises various aspects of construction, design and development of buildings, highways, Metro and Smart cities. Interactive teaching with on- site exposure is provided in order to enable the students to apply their knowledge learnt in the classroom to construction projects. Department regularly organizes guest lectures by experts from industry, academic; research institutions. Department encourages students to work for sustainable as well as development of society and nation. The Department emphasises on learning and upgradation of various technical and professional skills with up-to-date software training and has well-established labs with advance software such as STAAD PRO, AutoCAD, etc. with unlimited licenses.