To be at leading edge of Computer Science and Engineering and to produce globally competent graduates, post graduates and doctorates with professional and innovative skills along with moral values committed to build a vibrant nation.

* To provide learning atmosphere that develops human potential for innovation and problem solving ability.
* To fortify the core competence in Computer Science and Engineering through empirical, methodical and analytical learning.
* To identify, based on an informed perception of regional and global needs, areas of specialization upon which the institute can concentrate and contribute.
* To inculcate ethical values and team spirit to produce successful professionals with personal and professional responsibilities.
* To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia and industry for faculty enrichment.

About CSE Department

The Department offers B.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering and M.Tech. Computer Science & Engineering. The Computer Science students learn to develop, test various algorithms and problems in various domains. The Department provides exposure to emerging technologies.

The M.Tech. programme in Computer Science and Engineering imparts a breadth of advanced knowledge in various area of Computer Science. The first semester of the programme is aimed at providing breadth in CSE. The subsequent semesters aim at providing avenues for specializing in one or more streams within Computer Science. The programme includes advance courses in Computer Architecture, Algorithms, Networking, Databases, Distributed Computing and Computational Intelligence. The purpose of the programme is to generate human resources capable of supporting R & D activities in area like Image processing, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Network Security, Data Analytics etc. The Department also provides scholarship to GATE Qualified students.