Room Entrance

Room Entrance
Concrete mixer and Curing Tank Appratus
Flexural rigidity Apparatus and Tensile Testing machine
Compressive Testing Machine

Room Entrance
Hot Air Oven and Muffle Furnace
COD-Digester and Floculater jar testing
B.O.D Incubator

Room Entrance
Consolidation Testing Apparatus
Triaxial Apparatus
Direct Shear Apparatus
Swell Test Apparatus
Vane Shear Apparatus, Standard Penetrometer Apparatus
Relative Density Test Apparatus

Room Entrance
Verification Maxwell Clerks Theorem Apparatus Unsymmetrical Bending, Elastice Behaviour of Beam Apparatus
Deflection of Pin Joint Truss Apparatus, Two- Hinged Arch Apparatus, Elastic Coupled Beam Appratus
Behavior of column and Struts Apparatus

Room Entrance
Electronic Theodolite Dumpy level Auto level Total Station and Handheld GPS
Ranging rods Heavy Duty Tripods