Dept. organizes workshop on Data Sciences 9 March 2018

In continuation of its efforts to ameliorate the skill set of its students, the Department of CSE, IKGTPU, Main Campus, Kapurthala conducted 2 days workshop on “Data Science using Python” during 9th – 10th March, 2018. The resource person of the workshop, Mr Chandra Mani Sharma, is a trenchant scholar from the field of Data Science and has conducted over 100 workshops on Computer Vision, Data Science, Deep Learning, across the country. Data Scinece is an emerging area of research and development, which has witnessed an exponential growth in the demand of the professionals.

The objective of the workshop was to provide the students a hands-on exposure on Python programming and its applications, in solving problems using machine learning and other approaches. The day -1 of the workshop had sessions on basics of Python programming including data structures, control structures, iterations, creation of modules, introduction to Anaconda & Spyder, introduction to various packages for Data Science.

The day-2 of the workshop covered basics of machine learning including supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning. The workshop concluded with a query handling session, quenching the thirst of participating students. Members of the staff and coordinator of the workshop, Dr. Alok Khushwaha were present during the event.