Unique initiative_IKG PTU honored student with PhD posthumously, supervisor defended final viva

Unique initiative: IKG PTU honored student with PhD posthumously, supervisor defended final viva

– Few such cases in Indian universities, the son of late PhD student came from Canada to get his father’s Ph.D degree

– For the convenience of the students, the university is always ready to take maximum initiatives: Registrar Dr. S.K. Mishra

– Constantly striving to promote the honest efforts of students in Academic work and to safeguard their research work: Dean R&D Dr. Hitesh Sharma

Jalandhar/Kapurthala/Chandigarh I.K.Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKG PTU) has awarded one of its Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) student Parveen Chander posthumously by conducting a final viva. This has taken a unique initiative in the academic field by awarding degrees posthumously. There are only a few cases in Indian universities, in which if the research student dies due to any reason and he is awarded posthumously. The university has taken this unique decision in honor of the excellent research work of its student, on the request of his family and keeping in mind that future students can benefit from the research. In this initiative, a supervisor of the student has also defended his final viva in front of the experts taking the responsibility of completing his last work after the death of the student.

Student Parveen Chander was from District Bathinda and was a PhD research scholar in the Civil Engineering Department of IKGPTU. He submitted his thesis to the university in August 2020. Meanwhile the Corona period has started. Unfortunately, in February 2021, student Parveen Chander died suddenly due to a tumor in the liver. Student Parveen Chander worked hard for eight years on the important subject of Civil Engineering ” “ANALYSIS OF SOIL INVESTIGATION DATA AND DEVELOPMENT OF SOIL DESIGN CHARTS OF PUNJAB STATE” i.e. different level of soil investigation, analysis of data and development of soil design charts with reference to the state of Punjab. The student did SPT soil testing, collected samples and completed his thesis using GIS.
Professor (Dr.) Rajeev Chauhan of the Civil Engineering Department of the University was the supervisor of this student. After the death of the student, Prof. Chauhan and the family members requested the R&D branch of the university to get the student’s final viva done and start the process of conferring the degree. He also took up the responsibility of defending the thesis. IAS Rahul Bhandari, the then Vice-Chancellor of IKG PTU, allowed this request. On May 29, 2023, after the examination and implementation of the thesis, the oral examination of the examiners was held and the degree was awarded posthumously to the student.

University Registrar Dr. S.K. Mishra called it a milestone in university academics, from which many future paths will achieve new heights. He said that for the convenience of the students, the university is always ready to take maximum initiatives. Dean R&D Dr. Hitesh Sharma said that the university is continuously trying to promote the honest efforts of the students in academic work and keep their research work safe.

Late student Parveen Chander’s wife Vijay Chander, who is a school teacher and their son Mahakansh, who specially came from Canada, received the degree in a very emotional atmosphere and special thanks to the university authorities and supervisor for the initiative taken by the university