The Jalandhar FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Meetup

1st FOSS Meetup at IKGPTU Main Campus, Kapurthala by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Date: 20th April 24

Venue: IKGPTU Kapurthala

The Jalandhar FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Meetup brought together a vibrant community of more than 60 enthusiasts passionate about open source technologies. The event provided a platform for learning, sharing knowledge, and fostering collaboration among attendees.

The event commenced with a stimulating keynote by Dr. Anshu Bhasin, who emphasized the importance of student engagement in open source projects. Anshul Wadwa and Suraj Bhardwaj introduced FOSS United Jalandhar, shedding light on its vision and mission, igniting the audience’s enthusiasm for contributing to the open-source ecosystem.

Workshops and Sessions:

– Pranav Singh Parmar conducted an engaging workshop on Animations in Flutter. Parmar elucidated the intricacies of animation logic in Flutter, simplifying complex concepts into easily digestible steps for the attendees.

– Jyotirmoy shared insights into the benefits and practical applications of architectural patterns, enlightening the audience on the significance of architecture in software development.

– Suraj delivered an informative session on Docker, elucidating its necessity and illustrating how attendees could dockerize their projects, enhancing portability and scalability.

The event facilitated networking opportunities, allowing attendees to connect, exchange ideas, and forge valuable relationships within the open-source community. Anshul Wadwa concluded the event with a heartfelt closing note, expressing gratitude to IKG Punjab Technical University, volunteers, speakers, and attendees for their invaluable support and participation, emphasizing the collaborative spirit.

Dr. Rajiv Bedi, Head of Department (CSE) congratulated the team.