IKG-PTU Journalism Department Students learned the intricacies.

Jalandhar/Kapurthala: Students of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of IK Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKG-PTU) conducted an academic visit to a largest Hindi newspaper group to gain information related to news publishing. The students closely understood the work done in the newspaper printing press unit in the form of practical knowledge. Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. (Dr.) Sushil Mittal has ordered that for the purpose of imparting practical knowledge to the students of every subject, a visit to the relevant industrial unit should be made. This visit was conducted in accordance with the order. University Registrar Dr. SK Mishra, Dean Academics Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Chawla have praised the Head of the Department, Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh and his team for this initiative.

Arundeep, senior journalist in Hindi Newspaper Group, told the university students about the contribution of media, especially print media, in the Indian and global economies and other fields. He also shared information about the history, relevance and social importance of the newspaper industry.

Senior journalist Arundeep explained in detail the importance of reading even in today’s digital age! He urged students to understand reliable sources. Senior Foreman Vijay Sharma detailed the complex printing process, demonstrating the accuracy of offset printing technology in transferring designs onto paper and cardboard.

The tour, which was smoothly coordinated by Administrative Officer Sanjeev Sharma, gave the students first-hand exposure to the intricacies of newspaper production.

Professor (Dr) Ranbir Singh appreciated such educational initiatives, emphasizing their role in preparing students for successful careers in media. Grateful for this opportunity, the students appreciated the Head of the Department and the University for organizing these enriching experiences.

During the industrial visit to the newspaper printing press, departmental faculty Mangala Sahni, Hari K Singh played a vital role in facilitating the learning experience of the students.