Name Reg. No. Title of thesis Year Funding Agency PhD Supervisor Status
Ms. Meetu Singh   Impact of radiations on the stability of fuels synthesized from oils   Dr. Amit Sarin Thesis submitted
Ms. Surbhi   Optical, electrical and thermal characterization Ge-Sn-Se chalcogenide system     Dr. Amit Sarin  
Mr. Amit Sethi   Thermal and optical characterization of Sn-Se-Te glasses doped with Sb and In   Dr. Amit Sarin  
Ms. Meenakshi   Improving Energetics of Solid State Hydrogen Storage using Carbon Nanostructures using First Principle Calculations 2013-2018 DST-SERB Dr Hitesh Sharma Completed
Mr. Sandeep Kumar   Structural, Electronic & Transport properties of grapheme nanoribbons using DFT 2014-2019 CSIR Dr. Hitesh sharma Completed
Mr. Deepak Agnihotri   Investigation of Functionalized Carbon Nanostructures using density Functional Theory for Hydrogen Storage. 2011-2017 Dr.Hitesh Sharma Completed
Mr. Arun Upamanyu   Study of Photon Atom Interaction process in X-Ray Energy Region and Their Applications in Elemental Analysis 2011-2018 Dr. Hitesh Sharma Completed