Multitrack 1-day workshop held on 18th April-2023 by O7 services

Multitrack 1-day Workshop organized in the Department of CSE, Main Campus, IKGPTU
The department of CSE in its continuous effort to elevate the tech aptitude among its students and hone their skills for practical edge organized a one-day hands on workshop on “Full Stack Development” and “Python for Data Science” under the guidance of O7 services on 18th April 2023. 51 participants got exposure to different technologies helpful in the industrial field, to secure a good job and placement in IT sector.
There were two sessions in each track, in the first session students learnt about basics of front end web development technologies viz. HTML, CSS , JAVASCRIPT, REACT.js, and in the second session back end development with technologies NODE.js , API was discussed. In the other track, the first session was about basics of Python and its installation and in the second session hands on projects on Data Science applications were demonstrated. The workshop ended with CEO, O7 services, giving insight to other fields of opportunity in the industry.
The faculty Dr. Dinesh, Dr. Anshu, Dr. Raman and Dr. Pooja informed that the participants for this event were shortlisted, and certificates will be given to them from O7 services.