IKGPTU introducing Higher Education Opportunities in Punjab between the senior secondary school students

IKGPTU introducing Higher Education Opportunities in Punjab between the senior secondary school students

– University started a campaign to invite school students from its home districts Kapurthala & Jalandhar
– Hundreds of students from 27 schools of Kapurthala district were invited, the visits started from November 20 and will continue till December 23.
– The aim of the university is to make the students of the entire state aware of the opportunities for higher education, starting from their home district : Vice Chancellor Dr. Susheel Mittal

Jalandhar/Kapurthala I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKG PTU) has created a platform for senior secondary school students to avail the opportunities available in higher education institutions across the state, especially in technical education institutions. The aim has been to get the students face to face with available top resources. The university has started this as a campaign from its home district Kapurthala & Jalandhar. The next target of the university, starting from its home district Kapurthala, is to make students from across the state aware of the opportunities for higher education within Punjab. This has been started from Kapurthala district on 20th November 2023, which will continue till 23rd December for the schools of the district Kapurthala first.

While sharing this information, Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Susheel Mittal has invited the students of the entire state to visit the main campus of the University located on Kapurthala Road. The Center for Extension and Outreach Activities in the University is handling this work under the supervision of the Dean Academic Department office. University Registrar Dr. S.K. Misra has written a letter to the District Education Officer (Secondary Education) in this context, inviting the students of senior secondary schools at IKGPTU main campus.

On behalf of Center for Extension and Outreach Activities, Dr. Rajneesh Kant Sachdev said that the first visit was of SOE school Kapurthala on 20th November, G.S.S. Saidowal on 21st November, G.S.S.S. Kapurthala (Girls) on 22nd November, G.S.S.Kanjli on 23rd November, G.S.S.Baler Khanpur on 24th November, G.S.S.Kheda Dona on 25th November, G.S.S. S.S. Bhulana on 28th November, G.S.S. Hussainpur (RCF) on 29th November, G.S.S. Dhaliwal Bet on 30th November, G.S.S.S Bhawanipur on 01st December. On 02 December, students of G.S.S.S. Nurpur Lubana on 02 December, G.S.S.S. Bariar on 04 December, students of G.S.S.S. Begowal visited the University Main Campus on 05 December.
According to the letter received from DEO (SE) Kapurthala, in the first schedule till December 23, schools of Nangal Lubana, Diyalpur, Nadala, Lakhan Ke Padde, Dadwindi, Sultanpur Lodhi (Girls), Begowal, Talwandi Chaudharian, Paramjitpur, Atholi, Ranipur Rajputan, Phagwara and Nangal Majha visiting continuedly on scheduled dates. Students will continue to reach the university for visit. Dean Academic Prof (Dr) Vikas Chawla said that during this visit, along with informing the students about the technical education courses, they are also taken on a visit to various labs, classrooms, KRC (Library) of the university.

Vice Chancellor Dr. Susheel Mittal said that Punjab has higher educational institutions, especially campuses of technical, management, pharmacy, architecture etc. with world class infrastructure and faculty with world academic exposure. Despite this, Punjabi students are turning to foreign educational institutions because they are not fully aware of the potential of their state. The aim of IKG PTU this time is to connect more and more students with the available opportunities, provide better information and organize knowledge sharing sessions with them, for which students and parents from all over the state are always invited to the university campus