IKGPTU hosts Special talk on Competitive Examination

Mr. Vipin Kandwal, Center Director of Time Triumphant Institute, was the keynote speaker

I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKGPTU) organized a special talk on how to prepare for competitive exams, how to read and solve question papers and how to prepare for interviews. Mr. Vipin Kandwal, Center Director of Time Triumphant Institute was the keynote speaker in this talk. The event was organized by the Soft Skill Cell of the university.

The keynote speaker Vipin Kandwal was welcomed by Coordinator Assistant Professor Dr. Priyanka Mahajan and Co-Coordinator Dr. Rajpreet Kaur on behalf of Soft Skill Cell. The keynote speaker was introduced by Dr. Rajpreet Kaur to the students of various departments of the university. The importance of the topics of Expert Talk was shared with the students by Deputy Registrar Public Relations Rajneesh Sharma

Various live activities including exam tips, practice with sample question paper was conducted by speaker Vipin Kandwal along with preparation for CAT, G-MAT exams topics