S.No. Lab Name Lab Description
1. General Electrical Laboratory
2. Semiconductor Laboratory
3. Electrical Machines Laboratory This is the main lab where experiments like load test on various machines, speed control tests, open circuit tests, short circuit tests, etc are carried out and also wide variety of practical experiments are performed here with combination of different rotating machines. The laboratory is also used for research activities in machines and to carry out project works on energy conversion.
4. Electrical Measurements Laboratory
5. Control Systems Laboratory
6. Power Systems Laboratory The Electric Power Systems Lab provides opportunities for faculty and graduate students to perform advanced work in the areas of power circuit breaker testing, MCB and Fuse testing, Power system fault analysis, automation and relaying, Under / Over Voltage Time Relay, IDMT relay test, Energy Utilization Setup with Resistive, Inductive and capacitive load etc. Power system issues, especially power quality problems, are difficult to understand – provide hands-on learning to supplement classroom theory. Full scale equipment and metering to allow students and researchers to thoroughly evaluate results of experimentation.
7. Computer Laboratory
8. Power Electronics & Drive Laboratory