Coding competition Code Utsav’22 organised on the occasion of Engineers Day

On the occasion of Engineers Day Computer Science and Engineering department organised the coding competition Code Utsav’22 for the student of the CSE department only.

The event is organised in two phases first round was a 20-minute screening round held on the 14th of September at 1 PM in which more than 100 students participated and only 27 qualified for round 2.
Criteria for qualification for the final round were the points earned by students in MCQ-type questions in the first round.

On the 15th of September, the final round started at 10 AM the duration of the examination was 3 hrs in which students had to solve 2 coding questions. The question includes the concepts of Arrays and Bit-manipulation. The contest was organised by Organiser Club CSE department under the guidance of Dr Dinesh Gupta and Dr Pooja Sharma. The criteria for judging the final round are 1. Accuracy of Programs in all Test cases and 2. The time complexity for tie-breaker. The winners of the final round are announced by the department on the same day in which Prakhar Pandey of B. Tech COE 5th, , Muhammad Zaid Khan B. Tech. CSE 5th, Rajan Baliwal, B.Tech SE 5th conquered the contest and Anshu Verma B. Tech. CSE 5th, Daksh B.Tech. CSE 5th, Utkarsh Saxena B.Tech. CSE 5th hold the position of succeeders.