IKGPTU VC Dr Mittal and Registrar Dr Misra released the new year calendar of the university

IKG PTU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Mittal called “Academic Summit Agenda” meeting on New Year 2024
– Dr. Mittal and Registrar Dr. Misra released the new year calendar of the university

Jalandhar/Kapurthala Vice Chancellor of I.K.Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKG PTU) Dr Susheel Mittal called Academic Summit Agenda Meeting on the first day of the new year 2024. Academic and administrative agendas were shared for discussion in this meeting before the faculty, officers by Registrar Dr. S. K Misra in the first new year meeting. Registrar Dr Misra delivered an inspirational speech by evaluating last year performance & also shared agendas for the new year.

Vice-Chancellor Dr. Susheel Mittal wished everyone to move forward in the new year with hard work, perseverance, faith and transparency. Congratulating everyone from the institution to the family, he talked about the issues to be done to bring the university to the academic pinnacle.

Dean Academic Prof (Dr.) Vikas Chawla gave a message to everyone to work together for the betterment of the university and fulfill the needs of the students on the basis of initiative considering their own and even their own children’s needs.

At the end of the meeting, the university’s new year calendar prepared by the public relations department of the registrar’s office was presented, released by the university’s vice-chancellor Dr. Mittal and registrar Dr. Mishra.

In the meeting, Dean P&EP Dr. RPS Bedi, Dean R&D Dr. Hitesh Sharma, Dean Student Welfare Dr. Gaurav Bhargava, Controller Examinations Dr. Paramjit Singh, Finance Officer Dr. Sukhbir Walia and others were present. Proceedings of the meeting brought forward by Deputy Registrar Admin Dr. Nitya Sharma and Deputy Registrar Rajneesh Sharma.