IKGPTU Successfully organized the first Conference on Indian Language titled “Saddi Maa Boli Punjabi-Artificial Intelligence & Punjabi

– Chancellor of Central University Himachal Pradesh Prof. (Dr.) H.S. Bedi joined the event as the chief guest, renowned educationists participated.
– The structure of Punjabi language cannot be understood without studying the development journey of Sanskrit: Prof. (Dr.) Harmohinder Singh Bedi
– It is a matter of pride for us to be a pioneer in recognizing Punjabi language at the global level: Prof. (Dr.) Susheel Mittal, Vice Chancellor IKGPTU

Jalandhar/Kapurthala With the aim of understanding the importance of language in development, existence and innovation in technology, I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKGPTU) organized the first Conference on Indian Language titled “Saddi Maa Boli Punjabi-Artificial Intelligence & Punjabi” on Friday. This event was held in the Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Auditorium located at the main campus of the University. Renowned educationist Prof. (Dr.) Harmohinder Singh Bedi, Chancellor, Central University Of Himachal Pradesh joined as the chief guest in this conference. Punjabi language thinker Dr. Amarjit Singh Grewal, Retired Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar joined as Guest of honor. Educationist Dr. C. P. Kamboj from Punjabi University Patiala participated as a special speaker cum expert panelist. The inaugural ceremony was presided over by the host University, IKGPTU’s Vice-Chancellor Prof (Dr) Susheel Mittal. Registrar Dr. S.K. Misra presided over the welcome session. In the conference, many famous academicians and writers who love Punjabi language as their mother tongue also participated. There were a total of four sessions of the conference, of which the first was the inaugural session and the fourth was the farewell session. In between, two academic sessions were held, in which papers were read by linguists and experts.

The opening ceremony began with the lighting of lamp. The guests were welcomed by Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Susheel Mittal by presenting flowers. Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Susheel Mittal in his address said that it is a matter of pride for us that we are Punjabis. It is a matter of pride for us to be recognized and leading the Punjabi language at the global level. He said that the Punjabi language has changed from time to time. There has also been scientific growth in the language. He shared many aspects and anecdotes of his student life related to Punjabi language.

Registrar Dr. S.K. Misra read the Welcome speech.He said that artificial intelligence is available in many languages, but not in Punjabi language. For this, we all need to make strong efforts to promote the Punjabi language. He said that this conference is essential for every person who loves Punjabi as his mother tongue.

Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) Harmohinder Singh Bedi, said that Asian countries are showing great awareness towards different languages, especially the developing countries. They are making great efforts to strengthen their roots and connect with culture through languages. He said that 24 Indian languages are recognized in the Indian Constitution and these languages have been given the status of national languages. Dr. Bedi shared that Rigveda is a Puranic scripture. The structure of Punjabi languages cannot be understood without knowing the development journey of Sanskrit. 18 languages of the country are derived from Sanskrit. Indian culture cannot be understood without Sanskrit. The “Love-Kush Kand” was written by Bhagwan Shri Valmiki after coming to Sri Amritsar Sahib Punjab, which is a matter of pride for us. He said that Punjabi is a great language, in which Sri Guru Granth Sahib is also written.

The first academic session was chaired by Dr. Amarjit Singh Grewal, Punjabi Thinker, Ludhiana. At the beginning of the session Dr. C.P. Kamboj, Punjabi University Patiala, in his speech shed light on Artificial Intelligence and said that Artificial Intelligence has been roaming among us as Google Assist in smartphones many years before. He said that through Chat GPT we can get rid of any question coming in our mind. He briefed everyone about the function of artificial intelligence through 3-D slides. He said that Artificial Intelligence is a source of income, through which heavy earning is currently being made by companies. Meanwhile, he also answered people’s questions related to artificial intelligence.

In his speech, Dr. Grewal said that Google has launched language software on its artificial intelligence platform, which supports 09 languages, such as Hindi, Bangla, Urdu, Marathi and all languages of South India but not Punjabi. We also know that Punjabi is the third largest language in India after Hindi and Bangla. Giving an example, he said that in front of artificial intelligence, humans will be in the same position as Albert Einstein was in front of a butterfly. Artificial intelligence will bring with it many challenges and challenges. But it will also generate a lot of employment and other resources.

In the next academic session, Dr. Tajinder Singh Saini and Dr. Rana, Punjabi University Patiala, Lecturer Balbir Kaur Raikoti, National President Vishwa Punjabi Sabha Canada and Jasmin Kaur, a student of the university campus participated on various related topics. Dr. Tajinder Singh Saini said that now is an opportunity to do maximum for the Punjabi language to establish it globally through AI. He welcomed anyone who has data related to Punjabi language, even if it is raw data, can also be used.

The conference introductory session was moderated by the Deputy Registrar IKGPTU Saurabh Sharma. Academic sessions & Final session report and thanks speech was delivered by Dr.Sarabjit Singh Maan, Assistant Professor, Punjabi, IKGPTU. The conference was attended by university faculty members, officers, employees and students. On this occasion, Dean College Development Dr Balkar Singh, Dean Student Welfare Prof (Dr.) Gaurav Bhargava, Controller Examinations Dr. Paramjit Singh, Deputy Controller Sandeep Kajal and other officers, faculty members were also present.