IKGPTU Faculty granted patent on Biodiesel production from rice bran

VC Prof. (Dr.) Susheel Mittal honored to succeeder faculty Dr. S.K. Mahla

Jalandhar/Kapurthala Working towards academic excellence, the faculty member of I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKG PTU) Dr. S.K. Mahla’s innovative work has been awarded a patent by the Government of India. This patent has been granted to Dr.Mahla’s work titled “A process of production of biodiesel from rice bran oil by transesterification and process optimization”. Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Susheel Mittal has called this achievement of Dr. Mahla a matter of pride for the University. He described it as a milestone in the university’s work on academic excellence. VC Prof. (Dr.) Susheel Mittal has honored the faculty member Dr. S.K Mahla for her achievement and has also encouraged other faculty members to do more such work in the field of research.

University Registrar Dr. S.K Misra has congratulated Dr. Mahla on this achievement. Dean Academic Prof. (Dr.) Vikas Chawla and Dean Research (R&D) Dr. Hitesh Sharma termed the patenting of any research as a big achievement in the academic field and gave confidence to the Vice Chancellor Prof. Mittal to do more innovative and better things in the future.

This invention is spearheaded by Dr. S.K. Mahla (Assistant Professor, Mech. Engg. at IKGPTU Hoshiarpur Campus and his team for providing an improved process for manufacturing biodiesel from rice bran oil by transesterification and process optimization thereof. This ground-breaking invention relates to the field of biodiesel production to provide fuel for internal combustion diesel engines. Dr.Mahla recognizes this patent as an invaluable contribution in the field of biomass energy. He also recognizes the role & best participation of his team, research scholars who make remarkable achievements in the field of renewable fuels.

On this occasion of honor to Dr Mahla, Prof. (Dr.) Balkar Singh HoD (ME) cum Dean College Development, Prof. (Dr.) Y.S. Brar, Director Hoshiarpur campus, Gaganjot Singh Deputy Registrar were also present in the office of Vice Chancellor.