Five day FDP on “Universal Human Values” started at IKGPTU

Five day FDP on “Universal Human Values” started at IKGPTU

  • Vice-Chancellor Mr. Rahul Bhandari, IAS, send his message for participants
  • University Registrar Dr. S.K Mishra inaugurated the event

    Jalandhar/Kapurthala I.K Gujral Punjab Technical University (IKGPTU) has started a five-day Special Faculty Development Program (FDP) at its main campus, Kapurthala. Its theme is “Practical Education on Universal Human Values”. Total 50 participants from different states of the country have participated in this event. On Tuesday, it was formally inaugurated by the Registrar of the University, Dr. S.K Mishra. in which first he read the message of Vice-Chancellor Mr. Rahul Bhandari, IAS. In the message, Mr Rahul Bhandari , IAS, has said that education is a fundamental right and with it the human ability is directed in the right direction, but along with it, it is very important to have human values and the university is working regularly on this subject.

    While inaugurating the Registrar, Dr. SK Mishra, shared that the FDP is being coordinated and conducted by the International Resource Centre for Universal Human Values & Ethics (IRC-UHVE) of IKGPTU. The purpose of FDP is to prepare the faculty to teach a 3-credit mandatory course on Universal Human Values to UG-Engineering Students.

    He said that the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) articulates three primary purposes of Education that Education is fundamental for achieving (1) Full Human Potential, (2) Developing an equitable & just society and (3) Promoting National Development. This FDP on Universal Human Values helps prepare the teachers with necessary clarity and commitment for achieving the above 3 aspirations.

    There are 50 participants in this FDP. The participants are primarily from the northwest zone – J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and a few other states of the country.

    Registrar Dr. Mishra welcomed all the dignitaries to IKGPTU Campus and shared how this FDP on Universal Human Values is the need of the hour and also highlighted how it is useful for realizing the aspirations articulated in National Education Policy NEP 2020.

    It is worth mentioning that since 2011, the IKGPTU has consistently made efforts to incorporate Value Education into Technical Education. University has already been running this course on Universal Human Values since 2011. The University has already oriented more than 5000 faculty. About 10 Resource Persons have been prepared in Punjab which is an asset for Punjab and the entire Nation. The university is firm in its commitment to take it to the next generation.