Introduction & Philosophy

In the present scenario of rapidly evolving and intensely competitive business environment, the organizations expect the crucial role that their employees play in achieving success and sustaining a competitive edge. To ensure the comprehensive development and amplification of technical skills and knowledge among faculty, officers, and employees, training and development programs have become indispensable. As such development programs serve as a cornerstone for empowering employees with facility to gain theoretical and technical knowledge to learn new skills to do specific jobs with exceptional proficiency. Such development programs imparted through the mode of executive education are equally essential for the existing as well as the new employees as it enables the new employees to get acquainted with their jobs and also increase the job-related knowledge and skills. The Executive education and development programs impart skills among the employees systematically, so that they may learn quickly and change their attitudes towards fellow workers, supervisor and the organization in order to improve the organization productivity.

About Center for Executive Education (CEE)

The University’s Center for Executive Education (CEE) represents as a testament to the institution’s firm commitment to nurturing professional growth, continuing education and development among its faculty, officers, and employees. The University’s Center for Executive education is a learning platform with extensive experience in designing and delivering leadership development, skill enhancement & faculty development programmes; team development and team coaching; executive coaching and Industry oriented interactions. CEE is established in the University to accommodate the need of the faculty/officers/staff by providing a multidisciplinary platform for professional skill enhancement.

This will bring professionals and research practitioners together to contribute their knowledge and ideas for the skill enhancement of the interested members. The CEE aims to foster interactions and new relationships among the academicians, public officials, and the private sector in the search for creative solutions to take management decision for the development of society. The CEE may engage professional agencies, national and international academic institutions and NGOs to promote management & Professional education.


The CEE philosophy is based on the conviction that professional & management skills can be learned, developed, improved and refined. Even the prominent and successful professionals will gain from opportunities to update their skills, knowledge and deep understanding of the art of their work lifestyle. Using a broad continuum of resources, all CEE programs reveal the core philosophy that growth is the creation of self-awareness and learning though experience.