Dr. Vikramjeet Singh

Dr. Vikramjeet Singh

Assistant Professor

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Educational Qualification

    • Ph.D. Mathematics (2013) from H.N.B Garhwal University (Central University), Uttarakhand, India
    •  M.Phil. Mathematics (2007) with First Division (68%) from Periyar University, Tamil Nadu.
    •  M.Sc. Mathematics (2005) with First Division (77%) from Guru Nanak Dev University Campus Amritsar.
    •  B.Sc. (Computers Applications) (2003) First Division (71%) from Hindu College (GNDU) Amritsar.
    • UGC-NET Qualified (Dec-2007)

Teaching Experience

  • Coordinator, Applied Sciences Department IKGPTU Amritsar Campus

Area of Interest (Teaching)

  • Engineering Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations

Area of Interest (Research)

  • Inventory Models, Optimization Techniques, Differential Equations, Information Theory

Awards & Honors

  • Best Paper Award in International conference

Research Publications

Title of Paper Name of Author/s Journal Year ISSN Link
Analysis of Nonlinear Active Noise Behavior of Fuzzy Controller Using Non-Perturbation Methods Monika Rani, Rakesh Goyal and Vikramjeet Singh Fluctuation and Noise Letters 2021 0219-4775 Ref Link
Solution for Celebrated Blasius Problem Using Homotopy Perturbation Method Rani, Monika, Singh, Vikramjeet, Goyal, Rakesh Engineering and Medicine 2020 2164-6627 Ref Link
Approximate Solution of Riccati Differential Equation using He Vikramjeet Singh, Pankaj Kaushal, Monika Rani International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 2020 2005-4238 Ref Link
Critical Appraisal of Hot Corrosion Behaviour of Burnished HVOF Sprayed WC-CrC-Ni Coatings in Actual Environmental Conditions of Coal Fired BoileCritical Appraisal of Hot Corrosion Behaviour of Burnished HVOF Sprayed WC-CrC-Ni Coatings in Actual Environmental Conditions of Coal Fired Boiler Atul Agnihotri, Sukhminderbir Singh Kalsi, H.K Kansal, Vikramjeet Singh, Harminder Singh, Amit Handa International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology 2020 2005-4238 Ref Link
Visualization and Exploration of Software Code Clone Detection using Software Metrics Sumesh Sood, Sandeep Bal, Vikramjeet Singh International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing 2020 2005-4262 Ref Link
Fuzzyfication of supplier Sanjay Mishra, Nitin Kumar Mishra, Vikramjeet Singh, Pushpinder Singh and Seema Saxen Journal of Physics: Conference Series 2020 1742-6588 Ref Link
Analysis of Atmospheric Turbulence on Free Space Optical System using Homotopy Perturbation Method Monika Rani, Harbax Singh Bhatti and Vikramjeet Singh Journal of Optical Communications 2019 2191- 6322 Ref Link
The Fuzzyfied Supply Chain Finite Planning Horizon Model Mishra, Sanjay , Mishra, Nitin Kumar, Singh, Vikramjeet , Singh, Pushpinder , Saxena, Seema Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 2019 1546-1955 Ref Link
EOQ model based on Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number Vikramjeet Singh, Seema Saxena , Rajesh Kumar Gupta(, Pushpinder Singh, Nitin Kumar Mishra Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research 2019 2349-5162 Ref Link
NORMALIZATION, INACCURACY AND CRISPNESS GS Buttar, V Singh, H Kaur Advances and Applications in Mathematical Sciences 2019 0974-6803 Ref Link
Risk analysis of flood disaster based on similarity measures in picture fuzzy environment Pushpinder Singh, Nitin Kumar Mishra, Manoj Kumar, Seema Saxena & Vikramjeet Singh Afrika Matematika 2018 1012-9405 Ref Link
Performance analysis of free space optical communication system using homotopy perturbation method under different weather conditions Monika Rani, Harbax Singh Bhatti, Vikramjeet Singh The Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 2018 1454 - 4164 Ref Link
Optical anisotropy and the direction of polarization of exciton emissions in a semiconductor quantum dot: Effect of heavy- and light-hole mixing Ranber Singh, Rajiv Kumar and Vikramjeet Singh Chinese Physics B 2017 2058- 3834 Ref Link
Exact solitary wave solution for higher order nonlinear Schrodinger equation using He Monika Rani, Harbax Singh Bhatti and Vikramjeet Singh Optical Engineering 2017 0091- 3286 Ref Link
Analysis and mitigation of XPM crosstalk in the scenario of mixed line rates for next generation access networks Rakesh Goyal, Rajinder Singh Kaler, Monika Rani, Vikramjeet Singh Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, Rapid Communications 2017 2065 - 3824 Ref Link

Administration Experience

  • Coordinator of Applied Science Department, IKGPTU Amritsar Campus


S.No Authors Title of Paper Name of Conference
1 Vikramjeet Singh An Inventory Model with Time Dependent Demand Rate Trade Credits and Partial Backlogging XXV European Conference, Lithuania, Europe,
2 Vikramjeet Singh Modelling and Analysis of an Inventory System with Ramp Type Demand Rate and Backlogging Joint Mathematical Meeting 2013, San Diego, California, USA
3 Vikramjeet Singh, Monika Rani, and H. S. Bhatti Analytical Solution of (1+n) Dimensional Nonlinear Burgers World Congress on Engineering 2017, WCE 2017, Imperial College of London, U.K
4 Vikramjeet Singh, Monika rani Solution For Nonlinear Burger's Initial Value Problem Using Non Perturbation Method American Canadian Conference for Academic Disciplines, Canada

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