Dr. Rupesh Kumar

Dr. Rupesh Kumar

Assistant Professor

Brief Biography

Dr. Rupesh Kumar is an Assistant Professor, with more than 11 years of teaching and research experience. His areas of interests include Organic synthetic Photochemistry using visible irradiation, Nanochemistry and Water remediation. He mainly works on the design of alternative green and sustainable reaction methodologies leading to the synthesis of potential heterocycles. He has more than 25 research publications to his credit.

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D.(Organic Chemistry): Punjabi University, Patiala
  • M.Sc.(Chemistry): Department of Chemistry, Punjabi University, Patiala
  • B.Sc.: Panjab University, Chandigarh

Teaching Experience

  • Assistant Professor I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala (August, 2016-Onwards)
  • Assistant Professor DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jalandhar (September, 2010 )

Area of Interest (Teaching)

  • Organic Chemistry, Photochemistry, Spectroscopy

Area of Interest (Research)

  • Synthetic organic Chemistry, Visible light mediated synthesis

Research Publications

Title of Paper Name of Author/s Journal Year ISSN Link
Solvent free Mechanochemical synthesis of bisthioglycolic acid derivatives: An efficient and versatile strategy for carbon-sulphur bond formation Rayees Ahmad Naikoo, Parvesh Singh, Rupesh Kumar, Gaurav Bhargava Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 2021 1741-5993 Ref Link
7-Endo-trig Pictet Rayees Ahmad Naikoo, Rupesh Kumar, Parvesh Singh & Gaurav Bhargava Synthetic Communications, 2021, 51(8), 1232-1241. 2021 0039-7911 Ref Link
Recent developments in the synthesis of tricyclic condensed pyrimidinones Rayees Ahmad Naikoo, Rupesh Kumar, Vipan Kumar & Gaurav Bhargava Synthetic Communications, 2021. 2021 0039-7911 Ref Link
Development of a sustainable ternary magnetic nanocomposite GCNI for efficient and synergistic photodegradation of Rhodamine B under solar irradiation: kinetic and mechanistic studies Monika Thakur, Harminder Singh, Jaspreet Kaur Rajput & Rupesh Kumar International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2021. 2021 0306-7319 Ref Link
Recent development in the synthesis of pyrrolin⬐4⬐ones/pyrrolin⬐3⬐ones Priyanka Sharma, Rupesh Kumar, Gaurav Bhargava Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry, 2020, 57(12), 4115-4135. 2020 1943-5193 Ref Link
Chlorophyll triggered one-pot synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones via photo induced electron transfer reaction Simran Harsh, Sanjay Kumar, Rohit Sharma, Yogesh Kumar and Rupesh Kumar Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2020, 13(3), 4720-4730. 2020 1878-5352 Ref Link
Concentrated solar radiation promoted unconventional greener approach: solvent-free benign synthesis of functionalized benzimidazoles Simran Harsh, Mohamad Yusuf, Rohit Sharma, Yogesh Kumar and Rupesh Kumar ARKIVOC, 2018, VII, 119-130. 2018 1551-7012 Ref Link
Regioselective Copper(I)⬐Catalyzed Ullmann Amination of Halopyridyl Carboxylates using Sodium Azide: A Route for Aminopyridyl Carboxylates and their Transformation to Pyrido[2, Nisha, Chetan Sharma, rupesh Kumar and Yogesh Kumar ChemistrySelect 2018 2365-6549 Ref Link
Photochemical studies: Chromones, bischromones and anthraquinone derivatives M.Yusuf, I. Solanki, P. Jain, R. Kumar Arabian Journal of Chemistry 2015 1878-5352 Ref Link
Study of Zrxzn0.5-Xni0.5fe2o4 0 J. Saini, R. Kumar, J. K. Rajput and A. Kumar Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Material 2015 0304-8853 Ref Link
Recent Developments in the Synthesis of Bicyclic Condensed Pyrimidinones Rayees Naikoo, Rupesh Kumar, Vipan Kumar, Gaurav Bhargava Current Organic Chemistry 2022 1875-5348 Ref Link
Facially Selective Oxo-Diels-Alder Cycloadditions of -dienyl--lactam: An entry to pyrano-tethered -lactams bifunctional hybrids Maninderjeet K. Mann, Rupesh Kumar, Gaurav Bhargava Orient. J. Chem. 2022 0970 - 020X Ref Link
Eosin Y Photocatalyzed Access to Biginelli Reaction Using Primary Alcohols via Domino Multicomponent Cascade: An Approach Towards Sustainable Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-ones Gobind Kumar, Yogesh Kumar, Gaurav Bhargava, Rupesh Kumar Journal of Chemical Sciences 2022 0973-7103 Ref Link
Trio role of deep eutectic solvents in the green synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine synthesis via Hantzsch reaction Gobind Kumar, Gaurav Bhargava, Rupesh Kumar Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds 2022 1040-6638 Ref Link
Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Oxide and Chitosan Decorated Nano Zerovalent Iron for Efficient Adsorptive Removal of Hazardous Azo Dye from Aqueous Medium Monika Thakur and Rupesh Kumar Asian Journal of Chemistry 2023 0975-427X Ref Link
A new entrant in ketene family: Generation of 2-(3-Oxo-allyl)-isoindole-1,3-dione and their [4+2] cycloadditions with 1,3-diazabuta-1,3-dienes Rayees Ahmad Naikoo, Rashmi Sharma, Rupesh Kumar, Gaurav Bhargava Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 2023 2193-5815 Ref Link
Morphological and structural analysis of Fe/Sn bimetal system and graphene oxide~chitosan modified Fe/Sn composite - A comparative study and their mechanistic role in degradative fixation of chlorazol black and reactive blue 4 from water Monika Thakur, Harminder Singh, Jaspreet Kaur Rajput, Rupesh Kumar Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms & Catalysis 2023 1878-5204 Ref Link
Deep eutectic solvents with ultrasonic energy as an environmentally benign and green approach for the synthesis of bisthioglycolic acid derivatives Gobind Kumar, Parvesh Singh, Gaurav Bhargava, Baljinder Singh Gill, Jaspreet Kaur Rajput, Rupesh Kumar* Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 2023 1741-5993 Ref Link
Study of morphological aspects in the efficient adsorptive removal of heavy metal ions using graphene oxide-chitosan based magnetic nanocomposite (0.4Fe0x:6x@GCS) Monika Thakur, Jaspreet Kaur Rajput, Rupesh KUmar Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances, 2023, 11, 100362. 2023 2772-4166 Ref Link


S.No Authors Title of Paper Name of Conference
1 Rupesh Kumar Visible light Promoted Synthesis of Functionalized Benzazoles Chemical and Environmental Sciences: Advanced Innovations-2020, Feb 19-20, 2020.
2 Rupesh Kumar Solar light mediated synthesis of N-heterocycles: An energy efficient one pot green synthesis of biologically potent scaffolds Designing a sustainable future: Advances and opportunities in green chemistry, University of Ladakh, Leh


  • Project entitled “Design and development of reagentless photochemical and mechanochemical methodologies for the synthesis of biologically potent heterocycles” sanctioned.

    Grant Agency: SERB, New Delhi.

    Duration: 3 years (17.10.2022-16.10.2025)

    Sanctioned amount: Rupees 1830000/-

Expert Talks

  • Dr Rupesh KumarChemical SciencesProspects of StereochemistryInvited Talk2020IKGPTU, HoshiarpurUniversity