The Centre will offer a wide range of short term and long-term professional and academic programs to the learners, researchers and academicians of India and abroad. The objectives of the centre are as under:

  1. To foster a culture of perpetual learning, development and improvement within the academic and business organizations.
  2. To conduct programs on skill development, technical education, entrepreneurship, management and governance etc.
  3. To conduct capacity building programs in the area of public finance & policy, management, engineering, etc.
  4. To organize management development programs, expert talks, seminars, conferences and workshops etc.
  5. To conduct a long – duration programs that would assist the professional to develop in-depth competence for decision making and execution.
  6. To conduct short-duration training programs for government sector, civil society, private industries and NGOs participants.
  7. To provide policy advisory services, consultancy and research expertise services.
  8. To provide a platform for policy debate and discussion among policy makers and stakeholders.
  9. The Centre may offer online programs to accommodate the social needs.
  10. To cater any other developmental services for the society upliftment from time to time.