Most of the executive training programs rely heavily on traditional classroom activities. The CED employs multiple innovative methods for the benefits of clients. Employing a diversity of learning methods is imperative because:

  • Adults learn best from experience, innovation, and practice.
  • Multiple learning approaches helps in completion of the learning cycle.
  • Non-traditional methods can create openness to and a safe environment for experimenting.
  • A variety of approaches helps in bridging the gap between theory and practice.

(a) Experiential Learning

The Center for Executive Development designs learning materials based on the core principles of real, transformative learning happens in communities. We promote this environment where engaged teams can investigate and develop skills in simulated experiences.

These experiences offer secure and relevant environments to identify, learn, and practice new behaviors. Experiential learning helps participants to develop skills, knowledge, and values through impactful experiences.

(b) Leaders Teaching Leaders

Industry professionals provide practical learning assignments and guidance, facilitating participants to study and knowledge about the current scenario of their business sector. Professionals’ panels, interviews, and case studies are some of the modes used to enhance the learning experience.

(b) Leaders Teaching Leaders

Industry professionals provide practical learning assignments and guidance, facilitating participants to study and knowledge about the current scenario of their business sector. Professionals’ panels, interviews, and case studies are some of the modes used to enhance the learning experience.

(c) Business Simulations

The CED also offers simulations and innovative experiences that train learners, teams, and organizations to perform at their best when opportunities occur.

(d) Transformation Lab

The transformation Lab provides seamless learning experiences and opportunities for executives to work in meaningful ways no matter their location. It provides better interaction and engagement between the instructor and participants as all participants are under glance. It creates a digital learning environment that is as close to face-to-face as it gets.

The Executive Development program will support you to:
  • From Manager to Leader: The program will maximize the leadership capability and potential through brain-friendly workshops on effective management; challenging conversations; capacity build up for peak performance; flexibility in decision making and; training for team success.
  • Understanding Self and Others:Facilitating teams to understand each team member’s respective strengths and their areas of specialization for the optimal use of team’s collective potential. The program focuses on building up the awareness of both self and team. Such self and social awareness will results in more effective working relationships with the superior, peers, and customers.
  • Effective Succession Planning:Sharing the ideas with mentors and professional will support in linking the people strategy to the business strategy. A facilitative approach is employed for more effective decision-making around people-related decisions to reduce the development gaps.
  • Team Diagnostics: The team diagnostics provide feedback to the team about its existing performance and interpersonal dynamics. The evaluation of team performance through interviews and surveys of team’s organizational constituents and team coach’s capability helps in knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the team.
  • Team Development and Coaching The achievement of organizational goals is based upon successful team build up and unity of purpose among the team members. CED offers comprehensive team development and coaching programs designed to enhance collaboration, communication, and synergy within teams. By nurturing a culture of trust and mutual support, these programs enable teams to achieve their objectives and deliver exceptional results.
  • Executive Coaching Executive coaching exemplifies a personalized and results-driven approach to leadership development. CED’s executive coaching services provide one-on-one guidance and support to senior leaders, facilitating the resolution of specific challenges and the enhancement of their leadership capabilities. It is carefully tailored to the unique needs and goals of each leader.
  • Organizational Development Consulting CED transcends individual and team development by offering organizational development consulting services. It facilitates organizations to assess their current status, pinpoint areas needs improvement, and enact customized strategies aimed at enhancing overall effectiveness. CED delivers expert guidance to instigate meaningful change.
  • Facility of a Multidisciplinary Platform One of the most imperative commitment of CED is to establish a multidisciplinary platform for professional development. This platform serves as a nexus, where professionals and research practitioners from diverse backgrounds can share their ideas, knowledge and expertise. This collaborative approach contributes significantly to the skill enhancement of interested members, fostering a culture of eternal learning and innovation.
  • Global Perspective CED’s multidisciplinary platform provides learners the opportunity to gain insights into international best practices and global trends. By earning wisdom from experts and professionals hailing across the globe, participants in CED programs can broaden their horizons and cultivate a more comprehensive understanding of their fields.
  • Interactions and Knowledge Sharing CED’s multidisciplinary platform facilitates interactions for knowledge sharing among academicians, researchers, and business professionals. By connecting individuals with diverse perspectives and expertise, CED promotes the cross-fertilization of ideas, resulting in innovative solutions, culture of open discourse and lifelong learning.
  • A variety of methods are used to help team members identify for themselves and for others more efficient ways of accomplishing the team’s goals. Our workshop designs are based upon the specific needs of each team to optimize group performance, productivity and profitability. CED methods ensure that the performance level of every team member is enhanced and that the entire team functions as a productive cohesive unit.
  • Creating a leadership mindset leading to growth orientation and ripe for learning. Transfer of knowledge through a practical and grounded approach to your development and support in bridging of the knowing-doing gap by assessing of your leadership strength as well as possible key areas for development.
  • Get your career back on track through personal branding and interview skills. Build greater degrees of confidence and be held accountable for the accomplishment of agreed-upon professional goals.